There are three types of services that our company offers, and they all revolve around cars. We are a car dealership after all, it’s no wonder that our services are all car based. Selling high end cars and classic cars is our bread and butter, as the old saying goes, but we also offer a couple of other interesting services. Best of Bentley initially started as just a regular car dealership that only sold cars. Due to people asking us for rental and Long Island tours, we expanded and now offer the following services:

Car rental: so pretty much all the cars on our lot are available for rental. They can be rented for any period of time basically, but most of the people that do end up renting our vehicles do it for the weekend, or just a couple of days. It’s mostly by weddings parties and prom kids who are looking to spice up their special day. Come to our dealership if you are looking to do the same.

Car tours: car tours are basically test drives of the cars that we have in our lot, but we make it more a tour of the beautiful Long Island scenery. That way you can both enjoy in the car and in the beauty of our bellowed Long Island. We’ve come up with the tours for our customers from other states, who we have a lot here at Best of Bentley.

Car sales: we’ve now come to the last of our services, the one that’s most important for us, actual sales. It hurts us having to let go of the cars that we have in our lot, but we have to survive somehow. Currently there are around 50 cars in our lot, mostly high end, but there is also a slither of classic cars that you can buy. We’ll add all the cars available for sale on our for sale category.

Hopefully you will come and visit us at our Long Island address. It’s the best way to get see what exactly it is that we are offering, what kind of cars, which services, etc. Hope to see you soon.