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Our little dealership is located on Long Island, Long Island City, Grove Street to be more precise. You can’t miss the dealership, because there are huge banners and floaties at the front, the usual for a car dealership really. It’s might be a bit tacky, especially since we are dealing with high end cars, but I’m a huge sucker for nostalgia and in my days dealerships had floaties in front.

Get in touch with us if you are in the market for a new high end car, or if you are looking to for example rent a classic car for your friends wedding. Best of Bentley offers a large selection of not just Bentley. There are many different car brands that we have available in our car lot, something for everyone.

You can visit our dealership anytime, but if you are interested in taking a look at a vehicle that’s for sale, it’s best that you contact us beforehand and arrange a meet. That way you make sure that one of our salesmen will be available, and that the car you are interested in will also be available. If you have something to sell us, also get in touch with us. We’re waiting to hear from you.

Best of Bentley LLC.
Jim Davies, CEO
3126 Grove Street
Long Island City, NY 11120