Classic car tours

Classic car tours is something that we are offering to everyone that wants to enjoy in both ride along the Long Island and in driving in a classic car. We have dozens of makes and models of classic cars for you to choose from. Most of them are of course Bentleys, but there are lots of others, as we’ve already mentioned.

The way that our tour works is you come into our dealership, ask for a car tour, we help you pick a car and then we go on an adventure across Long Island. You can’t tell me that you never wanted to drive across Long Island in a Bentley, or an Aston Martin. We can make your dream come true. Get in touch with us and we will arrange a classic car tour, just the way you want it. With the car that you like, driving through the part of the city of your choosing.

A city tour in a classic car isn’t something that classic car traders allow you to do, but we are here for you, our customers. Get in touch and arrange a once in a lifetime experience with Best of Bentley. We are here for you, contact us with confidence.