Cars currently for sale – March 2018

This is the category where we’re going to be posting updates about the cars that we currently have for sale in our lot. Even though our car lot numbers around 50 cars, pretty much all the time, not all of them are for sale. Some are being worked on by the mechanics that we hire to fix our vehicles, some we are too fond of to have them sold. Hence the reason why we have sales only some of the time.

Currently there are about 15 cars for sale, Bentleys, Aston Martin, BMWs, Mercedes Benz, etc. They can all be viewed in our dealership, and they are in fully working order. Classic cars have been restored up to the highest standard by a team of excellent mechanics with whom we cooperate on a regular basis. Check these out and contact us if you have any kind of inquires, you want a test drive or if you want to make an offer. Cheers.