About us

Welcome to Best of Bentley, a high end car dealership based in Long Island that has only the best cars that the leading manufacturers have to offer. As you can probably guess from our name, we mainly focus on Bentleys. However since our founding back in the early 90s we've expanded our car lot which now includes Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martins, Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati, and a lot of other cool sound names. Best of Bentley frequently participates in car shows like the OBI car show, an annual car show that takes place here in Long Island. Check out the amazing looking video of the event to the right, captured with high quality camera drone. You might even catch a glimpse of some of our cars, but that's very unlikely, since OBI is always jam packed. We have both modern and classic cars in our lot, so there's plenty to choose from should you decide to visit us and we hope that you do.

Best of Bentley

best high end car dealership in Long Island

After many years of collecting Bentley cars as a labor of love, my dad turned his hobby into a full blown business by founding Best of Bentley. It took years to get the business up from the ground properly and what you see today, the cars in our lot and the services that we offer, are a product of many years of hard work. We now have over 50 cars in our lot, and more are coming every day. Soon I might even hire that photographer with the wicked camera drone from OBI, to come and do a flyover above our lot. Just to show off all the cars that we have. Of course we do sell the cars, so their number goes down from time to time, but usually we get more and more interesting cars every day.

Car tours
We might have gave this title that isn't easy clear, so let's try to explain just what exactly it is that we are referring to when we say car tours. With car tours we hope to combine the beauty of Long Island with enjoying in a ride in one of our cars. It's a fancy way of saying a "test drive". One of ours salesmen will take you out for a ride and at the same time show you some of the more interesting tourist spots around our dealership. Our out of town clients really love this service and I hope you will love it too.
Classic car rental
With classic car rental we hope to help all those people who are looking to rent a classic car for an event. We've got a huge selection of cars that are suitable for weddings, prom nights, dates with that special someone, you name it. Pricing varies depending on which car you choose, and for what you need it, to some small extent. Anyway, if you need a classic car rental in Long Island, you know where to look.  
High end car sale
Our bread and butter is the sale of high end cars. We've been working hard to build our portfolio over the years and we now have around 50 cars that are available for purchase by our clients. It hurts us to see the cars go, but we keep getting new ones, it's a revolving door at us. All cars are throughly inspected, and restored at professional car shops that handle high end cars in the Long Island area. We don't have an in-house car shop for repairs, so we outsource the work to others with proper skill and tools. You can rest easily knowing that the cars you buy at our shop will serve you well for a long time.
Sell us your car
Buying used high end cars is something that we do on a regular basis. Right now we are especially interested in classic sports cars, Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin, etc. They don't have to be in mint condition. In fact, it's better that they aren't because as I've already mentioned, we rebuild all the cars anyway. That way we know for sure that the car will work properly for our customers when we resell it. Send us a message, or visit our dealership if you have something to sell that we might find interesting.  

Our cars

Here is a small tasting, a small gallery of some of the cars that we have in our dealership. Just look at how beautiful they are. And to think, they could be yours, they are just an phone call or an email away. Send us an inquiry and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Best of Bentley team

Our team here at Best of Bentley consists of some of the most knowledgeable car buffs in all of Long Island. The guys that work with us are familiar with and will be able to tell you everything there is to know about both modern high end cars and classic cars. Contact us with confidence that you are getting the best possible service in the business.

Robert Hunt / Salesman

Since I was young, I always loved cars, hot rods were my thing, but seeing any kind of sports cars was enough to get me excited. Now I work here at Best of Bentley and I live every second of it. This gig has everything that I love, cars, cars and more cars. Plus I love helping people find the right car for them.

Brett Gerdes / Salesman

Hi everyone. My name is Brett and I'm a car salesman at Best of Bentley. I've worked here for over 5 years now. I was originally a mechanic and I worked on fixing classic cars for the company for years before actually joining Best of Bentley. Now I use my mechanic knowledge to help customers buy the perfect car and I love it.

Robert Jackson / Salesman

My name is a Robert and I'm a car salesman that's been working for Best of Bentley for 3 years now. I finished college back in 2013 and soon after that I landed a gig here at the company. I've been brought in as fresh blood, to add a new perspective on making sales, but also because I'm a huge car nerd. I own a 2007 Ford Mustang and I love to death and I know a lot about cars from tinkering with them in my spare time.

Jim Davies / Owner

Hi there, my name is Jim Davies and I'm the head of sales and the owner of Best of Bentley. This company was passed on to me by my father John back in 2010. I've been working on making it the best possible high end car dealership in all of Long Island. I'm sure that with the help of me and my team you'll be able to find the car that you're after. Who knows, we might already have it in the lot. Contact us to find out.

Our clients

List of our clients is extensive and it is getting bigger every day. We've been working with thousands of people up until now, and I think that this number alone speaks of the quality that our dealership has to offer. Contact us with confidence that you are getting the best possible high end car sales team in all of Long Island.


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Get in touch with us either by coming into our dealership, calling by phone, or by sending us a message using the contact form here. If you are coming from far away, it's best that you make an appointment, to make sure we won't be very busy when you come up to see us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting and we hope you find something that you like.

445 E 86 W 27th St # 601
New York
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